Our online examination system meets demanding high stake exam criterion. From scalability, disaster management to fault tolerance we have you covered. The application supports question item and response level encryption even while adhering to international QTI specification for question item storage.

UCanAssess is a robust and highly secured online examination system developed by Learning Spiral. It has been used for conducting various National level online entrance examinations, Online recruitment examinations for institutes of high repute and Semester and admission exams for Central and State Universities.

Product key feature

Modern Infrastructure

Our applications are powered by amazon web services – The world’s most reliable cloud service.
These are the same services that power Facebook & Twitter. Replicated real-time in two seismic zones.
We provide world-class disaster recovery security & scale-ability.


Author :

  • 20+ Question types
  • Supports Latex/formula
  • Supports numerous languages
  • Arrange in modules/papers

Distribute :

  • Question & option jumbling,
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Items exposed only 30 min before exam

Analyse :

  • Post Exam item performance
  • Applicant Scores & Calibration
  • Compile Scores & Merit lists

Assure :

  • 5-minute interval backup
  • Audit trail & RTI compliant
  • Scalable & Reliable

Online Proctoring

We provide a host of AI-assisted features for ensuring the integrity of our online exams. These features help ensure academic honesty amongst the test takers. An array of options as per available infrastructure can be provided to curb cheating.

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Partner Seats PAN INDIA

Our zonal team continues to sign venue partners on an
ongoing and project requirement basis. Foreign Location experience:
Dubai Associates in Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Dhaka, Kathmandu.
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