Benefits of Our Online Examination/Assessment System: UCanAssess


Our online examination system includes the entire gamut of features like question authoring, question bank management, item-level analysis, Offline paper generation, audit trails, encrypted storage, etc. Our online examination system is tailored to the needs of large universities. We offer everything from LDAP / LTI integration with other systems to Remote proctoring. It has been utilised to administer a variety of online exams for both central and state universities, as well as all national-level online entrance exams and corporate recruiting exams. Universities and other assessment bodies require an online examination system in order to administer assessment/exam fair with ease.

Some of the main advantages of our online examination system are as follows: 

  1. Online Examination System: UCanAssess is an online platform that uses Artificial Intelligence proctoring to provide instant results.
  2. All of the formerly manual processes of taking written tests are completely automated by our online examination system.
  3. UCanAssess also makes it possible to review all of the evaluations in a very short amount of time.
  4. Cheating is discouraged by using an online examination system with online proctoring. Through the use of remote proctoring multiple candidates can finish their online exam/assessment at the same time, and there is no need for faculties to watch them.
  5.  The test takers can take the assessment or examination by logging into the online examination system: UCanAssess during class or at home with the use of their own devices.
  6.  There is no doubt that the online examination systems usher in the advantages of cost-cutting as it saves time, money, and efforts involved in travel and provision of centre facilities. Stationery is saved too. Also, it’s efficient and saves money for the institute.
  7. All confidential information is encrypted and secured both at rest and in transit using one-way salt-based encryption technology through the online examination system UCanAssess.
  8. Our online examination system UCanAssess, which is part of the university management system, allows assessments to be evaluated in less time. Furthermore, the reusability of previous question papers saves teachers time and effort when it comes to creating new questions with acceptable standards and levels.


  9.  Universities can prepare online proctored exams then within a week, and a sophisticated online examination system gives the university a positive brand image among students or candidates.
  10.  Through the online examination system, there are reduced requirements for physical faculty for online monitoring of applicants/students during the assessment. This is due to the use of AI-based proctoring and flagging of possible incidents of malpractices adopted by the students during online exams. 
  11.  Students can also review their scores and responses to gain immediate feedback on their knowledge and awareness of their chosen topics.
  12.  We provide world-class disaster recovery security & scale-ability. Security Aspects of Online Examination System like authentication, authorization, proctoring & secure browser make examinations secure.

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Benefits of Our Online Examination/Assessment System: UCanAssess

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