Author :

  • 20+ Question types
  • Supports Latex/formula
  • Supports numerous languages
  • Arrange in modules/papers

Distribute :

  • Question & option jumbling,
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Items exposed only 30 min before exam

Analyse :

  • Post Exam item performance
  • Applicant Scores & Calibration
  • Compile Scores & Merit lists

Assure :

  • 5-minute interval backup
  • Audit trail & RTI compliant
  • Scalable & Reliable

Our Product Features

Question Types Support

We support 20+ type of questions
Latex Support, Multi Language support, Multi category support

Question Bank

We have bulk question bank with different categories of exams Question and Option shuffling, Data Encryption 256-bit encryption

Secure Process

Items exposed only 30 min before exam Post Exam item performance, Applicant Scores & Calibration

Remote Proctoring

We offer remote proctoring for authentication, validation, and authorization for smooth and controlled exam process

Exam Management Setting

We have several exam settings for conducting different exam

Exam Analytics & Reports

Many types of analysis data reports are available

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