What is Exam Proctoring?


A Proctor refers to a person who supervises or invigilates candidates taking an exam. The proctor’s primary responsibility is to ensure that candidates do not cheat in exams. Learning spiral offers online AI proctored exams to the Universities, Institutions, Schools, and Corporates. Exam proctoring is critical now if we want to ensure that students do not cheat or use unfair methods during an online exam. Students cannot cheat in an online exam because of the online examination technology and online proctoring.

How Does Exam Proctoring work?

UCanAssess, Our online examination system, allows a variety range of online invigilation modalities. These include capturing photos, screen sharing, video recording the candidate’s video/audio, preventing candidate’s from browser breaches, and 360 degrees proctoring are some of these options.

exam proctoring

After that, All of these digital inputs are subjected to AI-assisted invigilation. The detection of impersonation and the use of banned objects is aided by an AI algorithm (such as cell phones and earbuds).
Proctoring application monitors candidates’ computer’s webcam for video and audio: Online Proctored Exams are the exams that one can take while the proctoring software monitors student’s computer desktop, as well as exam setting environment using webcam video and audio streams, analyzed in real-time using AI.

AI-Powered Remote Proctoring: Since online proctoring generates a large volume of image/audio/video streams the same can also be analyzed automatically using AI-based algorithms. Our Online Examination system, UCanAssess supports a range of online invigilation modalities. These include real-time capturing of candidate images, screenshots, locking of the browser movements and also capturing of video/audio of the candidate.


Exam Proctoring helps to reduce the incidences of cheating or the use of unfair means by students/candidates.
Exam Proctoring is Highly cost-effective because it removes physical examination centers and setup.
Exam proctoring helps to schedule exams according to the convenience of students.

Thus, Exam proctoring is highly helpful and preferred. Presently, during pandemic times, it reduces the risk of exposure while taking examinations. Almost any form of online examination can be administered with an Online proctoring system. These online examinations can have all types of questions including multiple-choice questions (objective paper), essay type, or even handwritten questions ( subjective paper ), and can be uploaded using Mobile phones.

Learning Spiral, an online examination solution provider understands assessments and applicant management like no other organization. We specialize in Online University Examination Systems with built-in support for conducting online assessments with all types of online proctoring.


What is Exam Proctoring?
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