Importance of Online Examination System in India

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Currently, Online examination is highly used in day to day life because it saves time and also it is the most accurate system as maximum participants are increasing in today’s life. Online Examination System is a computerized system that gives instant results and also saves time. Online examination system uses fewer resources and reduce the need for question papers and answer scripts, exam room scheduling, arranging invigilators, coordinating with examiners, and more.

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  1. Online Examination System is a computerized system that gives instant results and also saves time. 
  2.  It fully automates all the previous manual process of taking written exams.  
  3. Our online examination system also allows assessments to be evaluated in less time.
  4. Through Remote Proctoring Multiple numbers of candidates can complete their examination at the same time and there is no requirement for physical faculty for monitoring due to the use of remote proctoring.
  5. The test takers can take the assessment or examination by logging into the online examination system during class or at home with the use of their own devices.
  6. They also get the opportunity to see their results and answers as instant feedback about their knowledge or understanding of their chosen topics
  7. A modern online examination system is thus a critical tool for universities or colleges to assess and improve student outcomes.
  8.  Our applications are powered by amazon web services – The world’s most reliable cloud service. These are the same services that power Facebook & Twitter. 
  9.  We provide world-class disaster recovery security & scale-ability. Security Aspects of Online Examination System like authentication, authorization, proctoring & secure browser make examinations secure.
  10. The data in Online Examination System is regenerated repeatedly so that students have access to new data.

Online Examination System is widely used as compared to other exams. Online examination systems can be used in private institutes as well as an educational institutions. As it is a user-friendly web-based application it can be used anywhere and anytime.  

About us 

Learning Spiral, an online exam solution provider offers services & solutions geared towards effective management of applicants and an online examination system capable of conducting proctored online examinations. Learning Spiral focuses on leveraging information technology & AI to deliver solutions & services to educational institutes, universities, schools, colleges, recruitment bodies & assessment bodies. Products like Smart Exam, UCanApply, UCanAssess can help meet your needs for a comprehensive Online Examination System &  University Management System. Our online examination solution power online assessments, examinations for 40+ universities & 1000+ institutes. Thus, With more than 35+ Universities we know what it takes to convert manual processes into digital ones.

Importance of Online Examination System in India
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