How Taking Online Exams From Home Is Possible Today?

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How Taking Online Exams From Home Is Possible Today?


Through Online Proctoring System 

Online proctoring refers to a digital form of exam day invigilation that allows you to take exams from any location. The current pandemic situations have forced universities and colleges to opt for online assessments but concerns remain about their sanctity.

Currently, Online proctoring / invigilation if very necessary if we want to ensure that students do not cheat or resort to unfair means in an online examination. Remote online tests conducted without an online proctoring system have seen a high percentage of cases of cheating. Some of the tactics are students either ask someone else to take the test on their behalf or use methods of cheating like referring to a textbook, using smartphones or other devices to search for answers online.

“We conducted a survey on online cheating in which we found that 73% of students cheat during online examinations but this rate was minimized by 13% after using advanced technologies”

Our Online Examination System UCanAssess allows for a variety of methods for online invigilation. These include a photo, screenshots, locking of the browser movements and also capturing of video/audio of the candidate. All of these digital inputs are then subject to AI-assisted invigilation. The AI algorithm highlights incidences of impersonation, use of banned objects (like mobile phones/earphones etc) etc.

Through Online Examination System like UCanAssess 

Online examination systems like UCanAssess offer numerous advantages of scalability, flexibility and analytics. UCanAssess is a Robust and Highly Secured Online Examination System. With the use of a systematic online examination system, it has become very easy for an organization to carry out periodic and continuous assessments. It helps them to save both time and money and yet provides a good tool to continuously assess the knowledge of students.

Our online assessment engine is made for large universities and their needs. From LDAP / LTI integration with other existing systems to Remote proctoring we have it all covered.

Our online examination system meets demanding high stake exam criterion. From scalability, disaster management to fault tolerance we have you covered. The application supports question item and response level encryption even while adhering to international QTI specification for question item storage.

  • National level online entrance examinations.
  • Online recruitment examinations for institutes of high repute.
  • Central and state universities.

Importance of Online Proctoring system in an Online Exam

Online Proctoring is very important for any online examination system.  It allows us to remotely invigilate the candidates while they take the exam. Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control online examination processes in a scalable manner.

About the Organization

Learning Spiral which was formed with a vision to provide services and solutions geared towards effective management of applicant and online examination system. Our products help power many leading universities, institutions, recruitment boards and other assessment bodies. Our Products like Smart Exam, UCanApply, UCanAssesscan help meet your needs for a comprehensive Online Examination SystemUniversity Management System or University Examination System, etc.

How Taking Online Exams From Home Is Possible Today?
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