Online Exam Software

What is Exam Proctoring?

A Proctor refers to a person who supervises or invigilates candidates taking an exam. The proctor’s primary responsibility is to ensure that candidates do not cheat in exams. Learning spiral offers online AI proctored exams to the Universities, Institutions, Schools, and Corporates. Exam proctoring is critical now if we want to ensure that students do […]

The Future of Online Examination System

All the critical competitive exams like National level online entrance examinations, Online recruiting examinations for prestigious institutes, Semester and admission exams for Central and State Universities have embraced the online mode of examinations. And at the current stage, with the Covid pandemic circulating, an increasing number of enterprises are using the online testing approach. The […]

Benefits of Our Online Examination/Assessment System: UCanAssess

Our online examination system includes the entire gamut of features like question authoring, question bank management, item-level analysis, Offline paper generation, audit trails, encrypted storage, etc. Our online examination system is tailored to the needs of large universities. We offer everything from LDAP / LTI integration with other systems to Remote proctoring. It has been […]

Importance of Online Examination System in India

ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM  Currently, Online examination is highly used in day to day life because it saves time and also it is the most accurate system as maximum participants are increasing in today’s life. Online Examination System is a computerized system that gives instant results and also saves time. Online examination system uses fewer resources and […]

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